10 Best Website Builders for Small Business

Whatever may be the business sector, how large or small it may be, its growth can be referred to as constant or growing by the space and rank it has earned on any search engine. As you are good and have recognition for your services, a website developer is good in metamorphosing small businesses into the big giants. 


Well, there’s a competition in every arena and so is the case also with website developers. Of all the people providing similar services, only one can be at the rank one and others may follow.


We have picked up the ten leading website developers for you to choose from the best for your business. A good website developer can take your business to curvet with grace in the digital space. 


We realize the importance of a wise choice and hence, we have picked and ranked the web developers by completely refining and cross-checking how they define their work across various technical barriers.


So, here you go. Each number is the rank.


1. MobileFirst.Ca


“Single window to unlock any website’s potential”


Mobilefirst.ca is the world’s first and the only true website builder who have picked up the latest ranking kernel, the speed of the website. Almost all good website developers know that Google and other search engines have started ranking websites according to mobile-first indexing. But, only a few have been able to pick up the approach to gather up the things altogether. And Mobilefirst.ca is the best that has transcended on all the parameters to reach rank #1. With its approach of making websites first in the mobile format and then making adaptive for the desktops has behaved as the catalyst approach. With 82% of people are using mobiles as browsing devices, instant action is sought. Website developer’s job is not just to build the websites, but to maintain them that accounts for their presence by regular updating which needs a lot of internet marketing. And Mobilefirst.ca has just been able to do that successfully. It has also added ubiquity to its built websites by establishing trusted links between the website and the social media platforms. They have made their success audible in the web development industry by creating best performing websites which are bait and switch with ready to use unbeatable setup. Every website has a hidden potential and room for improvement. Mobilefirst.ca is a key to unlocking that potential. Mobilefirst.ca is proud of its edge to provide the fastest page load speed in the industry.


2. Wix.com


“Drag and Drop easy to build websites”


Wix.com badged number #2 in our survey of creating best performing websites. With stunning templates, wix.com is the second-best pick to design customizable websites. They offer a lot of advanced features but the core focus is to allow the site owner to do the job himself. Most of the times, site owners do not know the strategies that are required to stay at the top and this is what exactly can be done proficiently only by the professionals. They also provide SEO services that can be personalized but they lack a good connection With hundreds of templates and backgrounds, Wix editor is undoubtedly good to go option making ready to go sites in less than an hour. But what brought it down to number two is the lack of its mobile-first approach, unlimited bandwidth and lack of certain features in its templates like that of invoice system, unlimited pages and many more where mobilefirst.ca surpassed it.


3. Squarespace.com


“Creative ideas crafted to build beautiful websites”


Designing the professional websites at a quicker pace and with ease is what brought Squarespace.com to land in this ranking. With high-quality templates for real businesses, the sites designed at squarespace.com have luxuriant professionalism. Live chat and 24 x 7 support makes the support centre always available just a click away. Real-time problems during working can be resolved much quicker. Squarespace is a great partner in designing online space but why it is down to #3 is its lack of feasibility with e-commerce sites and certain in-built features that cannot be customized.


4. Shopify

“e-commerce master”


What lacked with Squarespace is met by Shopify.com. But what Squarespace could provide, Shopify lacks that professional structure of the sites. Shopify got accommodated in the list for the ease it adds to its sites where the real-time purchases have to be done and the payment gateways are reliably and efficiently attached. With hundreds of themes and plugins, Shopify is the best website developer catering to the needs of e-commerce stores. But why it is not on the top is owing to its page load speed. Many drops and click to action fail to happen due to the lack of speed. If they can master speed, they can attain a higher rank because today, Speed is the king.


5. Hubspot

“A hub with great marketing tools”


When it comes to a website’s designing, hosting, layout, content marketing, blog promotion and SEO, Hubspot offers a plethora of options to make a lead. It is one of the website developers to earn credibility and reliability. It is working great to achieve great page load speed though it still lags behind mobilefirst.ca in that. It offers data protection using a firewall and also takes the backup that earns it a good trust. Fewer customization options available and not completely mobile responsive sites have brought down its rank. Since people are using mobiles as browsing devices, Hubspot has not been able to reach them cent per cent.


6. Constant Contact

“Building lasting connections through contacts”


Being a player in the web development industry for about 20 years, Constant contact still has a constant name for its grasp over the email addresses. It had made its way into every inbox which goes everywhere with the person over the internet. Their 100% free plan makes any newcomer enter the online space easily without many hitches and worrying about big budgets. When a good service and from a renowned house is offered for free, it receives grand welcome. It uses certain features to fetch the details and put them on the sites quickly and hassle-free. They also have mobile-friendly templates but still can’t beat mobilefirst.ca since the versatility and flexibility that is offered by mobilefirst.ca is far from beating.


7. Site 123

“Building a site is as easy as to count 123…”


After free, people with low budget tend to go for the cheapest option available and that is Site 123. Their ready-made styles and layouts make it easier for business owners to choose from their start-up plans. Pleasing designs, customization options open multiple windows. They have also been working on the speed which is the leading factor of the date. For its limited features and limited templates, it doesn’t cater to every taste of every kind of business. It is good to start for small scale businesses with tight pockets but lacks professional charm.


8. Siteground

“Working on the online ground and keeping updated”


Time and trends change. Website developers too need to adapt to these changes. When speed has become the ranking factor for the websites, site ground sites have been found to have good uptime and page speeds. Being budget-friendly, offering multiple templates, SEO services, great functionality has made Siteground a renowned in the industry. The only drawback is it contains more of structural markup since it uses Wordpress tools. The business owners who want ready to build sites just within a few clicks find it difficult to work with these tools.


9. Webself.net

“Ready-made served well”


Being in the industry for more than a decade, Webself.net offers the easiest and fastest way to build websites. By their Try, before you Pay initiative, they make users tend to get adapted to a good service before they have to pay for them. You like it, you pay for it. You don’t like it, you can curtail. Even the paid services are pocket-friendly. Though it offers good templates and professional designs with embedded creativity, it doesn’t offer the customization in a vaster space which has brought down its rank.


10. Boldgrid.com

“Wordpress made lighter”


While designing a website, the problem with Wordpress is a lot of coding, plugins that create a lot of confusion to the new one and need to learn before actually working down the line. Using the oldest and boldest player and making it easier and playful is indeed a bold step. Even when made easier, it lacks multiple customization features and recent updates in the industry that they are yet to meet to hop to an upper rank.


Of all the website developers, Mobilefirst.ca is the only builder that offers mobile-first websites with the fastest load speed and is adaptive to desktop which the first preferred choice of today’s businesses is. Though it landed on this terrain after any of the mentioned web developers, with its vision and dedicated efforts in all the areas of a websites' performance catering to all kind of businesses and never-ending efforts to further higher by competing with itself has made it earn the triumph rank as it helps your business to rank high.

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