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Paid Advertising

It may take longer for organic visits to mark their point on your website. While by PPC model of advertising, visits can be generated. Advertisements are displayed on various portals and the advertiser pays for every click to the publisher.


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One of the superb advantages of PPC model of marketing is that search engines consider high-quality ads and not just the highest-paid ads since they owe a big responsibility towards the user’s credibility. They make a smart earning by earning an audience and not just revenue. Higher the audience on the engine, revenue is bound to increase with least effort.

We at manage your ad campaigns, track the sales and revenues and employ the best use of demographic data to reach the targeted audience with a vision that every click can be converted to a potential sale.

Trends do not change on their own. They are changed. Demands are created by the teasers and the advantageous offers over the existing ones. Social media spreads the word faster than anything else existing. Paid ads work more extensively since they are more frequently advertised. The plus point is their display on relevant places to relevant users. Paid ads open gateway for multiple ways to reach specific people based on their behaviour on a particular website, customer's likes, engagement, browsing history and other various elements of their details such as age, gender, and location. Options such as bidding, Delivery optimization and target audience are available to choose from and have made social media the most customizable advertising network using paid marketing techniques. Paid ads offer a smart option that engages users on the platform of their choice and turns this engagement directly into sales. The purchase intent and the excitement of any customer is highest at the first sight. Its appeal is the first attraction. And as the popular saying, strike when the iron is hot, this is the best point to capitalize. And once the buyer clicks a couple of buttons before changing the mind and additional thoughts and alternatives piling up, a purchase is already made. Therefore, it has emerged as the latest digital marketing buzzword.

Though it is the cheapest means of advertising, yet it can be expensive if not used effectively and efficiently. This is what we do for your websites at We tend to bring genuine traffic by making a smart choice as to where to display your ads.

There is no point in advertising a product or a service at a place where the users are either not interested or the product or service is not intended for their use. It is just a waste of time and funds. Yet, many visitors visit your site but leave it without making any purchase. This drop can be due to several reasons. But, once we have access to the visitors, they can be reached back for potential conversion. One of the smartest connection established is that the users are not directed to online stores, but they can directly purchase where they are by proceeding to checkout. Chatbot checkouts, autofill payment options and delivery details make the purchase easier and less time consuming within a handful of clicks. And this also enhances the speed and a purchaser will be happy to return for your products/services. Most e-commerce purchases redirect the user from one platform to another making it much complex and less user-friendly. But popular social media networks have enabled the user to avail one-click buy now button. The confusion led by redirections that further led to abandonment has decreased. 

We at merge technologies with the strategies to make brands reach their final consumers in a friendly and persuading manner. We help you establish the lost connections by bridging with their interests. Our Remarketing/Retargeting services also make the most efficient use of dynamic remarketing.  This customization needs a variety of technical steps like that of adding custom parameters to your website’s tag and creating a feed. We take care of all of these and much more at


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