Press releases (PR) have enormous potential that can add the most needed value to your brand. The content and placement of press releases today matter more than ever. With huge competition in every niche, you are lost if not found in top ranks of the search engine and that too as the search engine’s recommendation. And PRs can help with the same.

Under PR and Digital Services, we provide both content and publication of press releases at plenty of prestigious positions. Content includes the written press release ranging from 500 words to 700 words as per the package chosen. We can also embed your video files and Maps to the Press release making it more search engine optimized. We offer your business coverage over 300 plus news and media outlets which include top-rated broadcasting websites like Google News, CBS, Fox, NBC, ABC and Bing.

Not every distribution channel is subtle for all press releases. We select the particular channel according to your business and SEO needs and then target the potential audience based on their cultures, demographics and geographies. This helps a business to position high in local reaches as a part of local SEO and for global reaches if your services can be availed by customers globally.

Besides, we also do link building campaigns in Google properties and Cloud links bringing your business a high Return on Investment (ROI). 

When it comes to SEO, one of the most significant attributes targeted is reaching out to the targeted traffic and increase their influx on your site. PRs can do the needful at a quicker pace if the distribution is done precisely. Mobile First proudly acclaims to do the so for every niche to bring a positive difference to your business.

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