• Your YouTube Channel to complete and create a Google Plus account = Includes cover pages design and full SEO optimization for your YouTube Channel and Google + account = $300 
    1. Account verified by Google verification code
    2. Add Google Analytics to track your visitors
    3. Add SEO keywords for your channel
    4. Description of your channel
    5. Add your trademark transparency overlay
  • I also suggest getting an Instagram since Facebook owns it and it is increasing popularity. $100
  • Pinterest also has good potential; create a board with your account. $100
  • Your Twitter account looks very nice by the way.
  • You can have 10 or even 25 extra Social Media accounts created, sharing your videos on a steady basis
  • And I think you should ask your webmaster to add your Social Media accounts on floating Icons

  • Create an ‘‘Intro’’ with animation from your logo to brand your company.
  • Create an “outro” with your main Social Media’s account including a call to action.
  • We will add these Intro and Outro to all your next coming videos.
  • Create videos for each of your products, especially your flagship one. Illustrate how to use it, the benefits, features and specs. The more you educate your audience on its use, the better success they’ll have
  • We would recommend to redo your site video with written benefits, features and specs and not be more than 2 minutes long
  • Create a video intro for your YouTube Channel to increase subscribers

Our base cost to rank your videos on Top of YouTube and Google is $500/video We have 2 different Ranking Packages to choose from for serious entrepreneurs that are interested to dominate the search engines for years to come

      • Rank 10 videos on Google and YouTube*
      • The cost starts at $500 for the first video and decreases in increments of $20/video until the 10th video that will be listed at $320, for a total of $4 100.  These videos can be ranked on a base of 2/week for 5 weeks.
      • Each additional 10 (VDRP) VIDEO DOMINATION RANKING PACKAGE will be at $300/video each for a total of $3 000 per set of 10.
      • A 50% deposit is required and additional 50% after completion. 
      • Other volume arrangements can be set on monthly bases.
      • * For Google ranking in “ALL” section, it depends on certain keywords before they might appear, it’s easier to rank when  there  is already a video appearing on Google first page in the “ALL” section.
      • Rank 10 Live Video Streaming Events on Google and YouTube* and we rank an additional 10 videos on Google and YouTube for a total of 20 video ranking
      • We start with ranking the Live Video Streaming events on a set of long tail keywords, we do a copy if the same video with a slight alteration in the video size to appear as a different video for YouTube and rank it on a different set of long tail keywords, included
      • The cost starts at $1 000 for the first 2 pair videos, and decreases in increments of $50/video pair until the final 20th video that will be at $550 for the last 2 videos, for a total investment of $6 750. These videos can be ranked on a base of 4/week for 5 weeks, or 2/week for 10 weeks
      • Each additional 20 (TVDRP) TOTAL VIDEO DOMINATION RANKING PACKAGES will be at $500/video pair for a total of $5 000.
      • A 50% deposit is required and additional 50% after completion.
      • Other volume arrangements can be set on monthly bases.
      • We found out that videos rank better and faster than websites and we found the Live Video Streaming Events rank even better.
      • Since the launch of YouTube  in 2005, Live Video Streaming Events are the biggest New Feature that has been added…

Live Video Streaming Events get an unfair advantage over regular videos:


When Google decided to change their algorithm to favor news items
They decided that the NEWS would get indexed faster and get top rankings!
Live Events are considered as LIVE NEWS by the YouTube Algorithm!



With millions and billions of websites being crawled daily for further more figures of keywords, a lot of work goes in for top-rated and accountable presence. But, you can sit back and focus on other groundwork while we take care of your web’s presence. Search Engine Optimization needs regular work updating. Creative use of keywords and righteous approach can reach the targeted audience to gain maximum lead conversions and highest customer retention. Markets change, customers change and marketing trends also change. To walk abreast with these changes, you need to make your brand perform which as on date is measured by your website’s performance. Every SEO campaign aims at bringing in more sales, more profits by more online visibility. Here’s how SEO consultancy with us at can help your website gain maximum traction:

  • Not just one strategy works in optimization and not just one technique can generate you the best results. It needs an amalgamation of sundry strategies and we have our best team of professionals to do so.
  • In-depth analysis and regular work need to be done which needs a specialized team. Delay is what we don’t do since it can cause you loss of leads.
  • If you are a new start-up, you can achieve breakeven point much earlier than expected with proper SEO approach. And if you are in business for long, but do not have well-established recognition, our SEO consultancy services can help you achieve it in the minimum budget and improve your return on investment.
  • As you focus on keeping up the quality of your products/services, we take care of your brand’s image and online reputation.

You are most welcome to use our SEO consultancy services for we excel in various areas of SEO such as pay-per-click, social media marketing, link building, on-site SEO, local SEO, website designing and redesigning, structured strategies and conversion analysis along with regular tracking of the performance.

Not just a single approach works in SEO and not just one aspect has to be worked upon. As the trends change, crawling indices change, even SEO strategies need to be changed. As of today, every search engine loves speed and has started considering it as a ranking factor. Mobile First is the first to pick on this approach. We keep changing according to the crawling trends for accessibility to web bots. Several attributes need technical consideration and accordance to work, to address the needs of ranking. These have to be analyzed and strategies are designed to meet the specific requirements. At, we do this by many contributing factors such as:

  • We create websites in mobile size and optimize them for mobile browsing. And when our mobile websites are made adaptive for desktops, they already have a higher speed than other desktop sites.
  • We use parallel tracking so as the user is kept engaged while the measurement takes in the background. We increase the engagement with First Contentful Paint (FCP) and keeping a check into Targeted Time to Interact (TTI).
  • We use zero to minimum structural markup and the most relevant content.
  • Not just the landing page load speed, we give equivalent importance to every parameter of the site as long as the user has your site on his screen.
  • We use user-centric performance to track the speed and make we make smart choices like that of image optimization, font optimization, script sizes, using critical path



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